Seattle is Home to the World’s First Anti High-Rise

In Seattle’s sea of high-rise buildings, it can be easy for employees and apartment dwellers to get lost in the veritable maze of hallways, cubicles and artificial lighting. To entice employees to work harder and stay later, many modern office buildings come equipped with gyms, restaurants and even wellness centers, so their denizens never have to venture far for the necessities.

But following in Seattle’s tradition for disruptive culture is a new building project called The Net, also known by its more infamous moniker — the “anti high-rise.” This project aims to ultimately increase connectivity and the wellness of the people who reside inside it.

The Net will achieve this goal by addressing some of the major issues of traditional high-rises. While traditional high-rises are great for saving space in dense urban settings and reducing environmental footprints, as well as providing precious space for work, life and leisure, The Net aims to increase connection between the different levels of the building, while fostering a greater sense of community through access to natural shared spaces.

Among The Net’s unique design features is a Sky Park, a three-story rooftop garden with access to fresh air and views of the city. Visitors can reach Sky Park via a 33-story circulation stair, which encourages more physical activity throughout the building as well.

In the wake of the pandemic, the building also has a touchless “street-to-suite” design, allowing residents and visitors to enter the building and reach their destinations without touching any surfaces. All of The Net’s air and water will be filtered from outside, while advanced sensors will monitor the thermal conditions and comfort of those inside.

In accordance with The Net’s emphasis on physical wellbeing, the building will include bike storage and repair stations for cyclists.

Finally, The Net will create increased visibility and a more fluid open concept with its side core design — increasing visibility between colleagues and visitors by 20% compared to traditional designs. This open concept carries through on the ground floor, where expansive spaces will be left open for public amenities and gatherings.

This article was originally posted on ArchDaily.

Image courtesy of NBBJ

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