Washington poised to lead nation in hydrogen economy

Washington has the chance to lead the country in advancing a green hydrogen economy at scale, according to a recent report from the Washington State Department of Commerce. As the state moves to eliminate fossil fuels from its energy system, green electrolytic hydrogen and renewable fuels made with hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in Washington’s economy.

According to the department’s 125-page report, “Green Electrolytic Hydrogen and Renewable Fuels: Recommendations for Deployment in Washington,” the state should make a move now to produce green hydrogen and other types of renewable fuels derived from hydrogen that will be critical to a net-zero economy.

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub was selected for up to $1 billion in federal funding to develop one of several regional hydrogen hubs across the country. This announcement, in addition to potential impacts of a new federal hydrogen production tax credit, inspired the Commerce Department’s report. Both opportunities will help the state meet hydrogen deployment goals and support the growth of a green hydrogen and hydrogen-derived fuels market in Washington.

“Green hydrogen is a critical tool in Washington’s decarbonization toolkit and we must use it wisely,” says Gov. Jay Inslee. “Since we need significant amounts of clean electricity to produce hydrogen, we know we must target the most critical sectors that are harder to decarbonize, such as industrial uses and heavy transportation.”

The report identifies sectors of Washington’s economy where green hydrogen and renewable fuels are likely to play the biggest role. Examples include replacing fossil-derived hydrogen used in refining and chemical production; aviation, maritime, and long-distance trucking; and industrial heat, among others.

The report also provides a road map to help Washington deploy hydrogen effectively and strategically while ensuring a more just energy future for all residents.

This post was based on information found on 425 Business.


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