A Decommissioned 747 Will Feature in a New High Rise Development

A new mixed-use development at Stewart Street and Denny Way is setting its expectations sky-high, with the incorporation of a decommissioned Boeing 747 fuselage in the design. The plane will arrive in 39 pieces, and be slowly reconstructed by the onsite crew to eventually hang 14 feet in the air.

The goal of the design is to be more than an eye-catching landmark. The developers hope the 747 will break up the city’s architecture that is mostly defined by glass atriums in the lobbies of high-rise developments. With the 747’s history as a symbol of luxury international travel, they hope it will unite the past and future of Seattle.

While the plane will certainly capture the attention of passersby, it will not be publicly available for visitors, as the body of the plane will actually be incorporated into a larger office space. However, the developers have said they do plan to open the plane occasionally for special exhibits for the public, and they are considering an advance preview of the space for fans of aviation.

The plane itself is a decommissioned United Airlines jet that flew from 1990 to 2017, with frequent routes between San Francisco, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It was recovered from a boneyard in California and shipped to Seattle. 

The installation process for the jet is expected to cost between $10 and $20 million, according to the developers. It will sit between two luxury residential towers with 1,080 units featuring balconies and high-end amenities. The lower levels of the project will include a Trader Joe’s, a Live Nation music venue and additional retail and business space.

This article was originally posted on the Seattle Times by Heidi Groover.

Featured image courtesy of Westbank Corp.

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