Washington named 2022’s best state for jobs

Washington was ranked as the best state in the country to find a job in 2022, according to a recent report from WalletHub. The study rated the 50 states across 35 indicators, with Washington leading the pack, followed closely by Vermont.

In particular, Washington was ranked first for its economic environment and number 8 for its job market. Vermont, in second place, claimed the top ranking for its job market.

Washington ranked highly for its job opportunities at number 5, behind New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota and Vermont, respectively. The state also ranked second for monthly average starting salary, behind only Indiana.

Other factors in the study included employment growth, unemployment rates, median annual income, time spent working, commute times, and job satisfaction. The study also took into account more negative factors like automation risk — the percentage of jobs at risk of automation — job security, and the share of discouraged workers (people who did not actively look for a job, thought there was no work available or lacked the schooling or training to find a job).

With a current unemployment rate of 3.8% — nearing pre-pandemic levels — most Washington workers should feel good about their odds of finding work in their field. And thanks to steady investment from major industries and the ongoing diversification of the employment base, our state is well-positioned to remain a national jobs leader for some time to come.

This article was originally posted on 425Business.

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