Redmond Helps Businesses Gear Up for Winter

With the governor’s recent announcement that all Washington counties must return to more stringent restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid, including the complete ban of indoor service at bars and restaurants, it’s more important than ever that local businesses prepare to weather outdoor operations through the winter.

In addition to the above restrictions, in-store retail operations have been reduced to 25% capacity, and indoor operations at gyms, museums and movie theaters have also been prohibited.

With many businesses already struggling to stay afloat, the recent news is yet another blow. As the colder months approach, many businesses were already working out how to adapt their operations for outdoor service to allow for increased social distancing. Now, rather than being an option, these measures are a necessity.

Thankfully, the city of Redmond has been preparing for some time to offer a helping hand to local businesses during the winter months. Offering two separate grant opportunities for local businesses and nonprofits, the city is aiming to make the coming months just a little easier for those most in need.

The first opportunity is a $7,500 grant for home-based small businesses and nonprofits. Details about this grant, as well as the online application, can be found here.

The second grant is specifically geared toward supporting the outdoor operations and winterization efforts of local Redmond businesses. Eligible businesses could receive up to $7,500 in reimbursement. Applications are due by December 1, and can be found here.

In addition to receiving financial support, eligible businesses will also be paired with a business advisor to assist their recovery efforts.

Despite the stress of the pandemic, winter can still be a season of hope. Through grant programs like this one, small businesses still have a fighting chance, so long as we’re willing to bundle up and support them.

This article was originally posted on 425Business by John Stearns.

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