Redmond budgets big for infrastructure

The future looks bright for Redmond, which has just adopted a $1 billion budget for 2023-24. Although it may seem like a hefty price tag for the city of 75,000, the investment will be well worth it.

The Eastside city has been growing steadily thanks to the continued presence of major employers like Microsoft and Google. This has drawn many tech workers to the area, with unique wants and needs for the once-sleepy city.

Using the Budgeting by Priorities process, the city identified the community’s highest-priority needs as it formed the budget. From there, the budget and projects it will fund were created using the city’s top 2020 priorities: a healthy and sustainable environment that supports an active community, a responsive community that is welcoming and fiscally responsible, a safe community, and a well-planned and connected community.

Currently, the city has 32 infrastructure projects underway, including new pedestrian bridges over State Route 520 and a new Redmond Senior and Community Center. The Senior Center has a budget of $48 million, and will eventually be 52,000 square feet.

Other projects include the upcoming Redmond Technology light rail station, a new pedestrian and bike bridge that will connect the 520 trail to the Overlake Village light rail station, a new fire fleet maintenance shop and new Fire Station 16. The fire station and shop are also receiving seismic updates to improve their safety and functionality. Additionally, a new wastewater lift station will help meet expected growth in the area around Marymoor Village.

Beyond these current projects, the city’s new budget will be put to work in other ways. Redmond has allocated $10 million to new resources in affordable housing and $2 million toward human services. The next largest line item is an investment in audio-visual infrastructure and homeless outreach case management software with $1.17 million.

The continued implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan has been allocated $825,000, and small business grants have been given $800,000. Other notable projects include increased DEIA training and staffing, environmental protection and invasive species removal, community gardens, events and pop-up dog parks, and hiring staff for the Redmond Senior and Community Center.

With so many projects in the pipeline, Redmond is working hard to meet the needs of its growing population. In two years, the city may look very different, and residents should be eagerly looking forward to it.

Information for this article was found on 425Business here and here.

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