Amazon Expands its Eastside Footprint in Redmond

Amazon is continuing its Eastside expansion with its latest lease in a Redmond office park. The new lease will place the tech giant closer to its rivals in the area, Microsoft and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite division.

The new lease in the Redmond Hilltop Business Park has not been announced publicly by Amazon, but a permit filing names the company as the future tenant of one of the offices in the area. Currently, Amazon Web Services has a location in Redmond Town Center, along with rival Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing program.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper will compete with Starlink for the satellite broadband market, with the former’s headquarters also located in Redmond, about a mile away from the new lease.

Amazon’s new lease could add as much as 178,957 square feet of office space, spread out among three buildings in the office park. The company is planning to renovate the largest of the three buildings — a two-story office building with an atrium attached.

While it’s not yet clear which Amazon division will occupy the new space, it is obvious that Amazon is working hard to strengthen its presence on the Eastside. With hard competition from the likes of Meta in Bellevue, Microsoft in Redmond and Google in Kirkland, Amazon seems far from done with its plans for expansion.

In June of 2021, the company announced it would be adding new jobs on the Eastside. The new Redmond lease certainly indicates that Amazon will continue to expand on the Eastside beyond its already-strong presence in downtown Bellevue.

This article was originally posted on GeekWire by Todd Bishop.

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