The First Net-Zero High Rise is Coming to Seattle

The Emerald City is getting a little greener, with the construction of the world’s first “net zero energy” high rise apartments. Built by Sustainable Living Innovations, the 15-story development began construction this month and should be completed by summer 2022.

The apartment building will run on solar power and batteries, with solar panels mounted to the exterior walls and roof, and a bank of lithium batteries in the basement to store power for use at night or when there’s no sunlight.

The project, appropriately located at 303 Battery Street in Seattle, will contain 112 units, with 27 affordable apartments. The design features floor-to-ceiling glass walls and radiant heat floors. It also features sustainable design by skipping carpeting, paint and drywall. The building will save water by capturing rainfall and recycling greywater from sinks and showers.

Not only is 303 Battery environmentally sound, it also costs less than a typical building of its size. The building uses pre-made panels from a manufacturer in Tacoma that come with electrical wiring, plumbing and mechanical equipment already installed, making construction faster and cheaper than it otherwise would be.

Sustainable Living Innovations has also worked on other sustainable projects, including a six-story, 24-unit building in the U-District that uses 70% less energy than similar buildings. With this precedent set, the Emerald City could stay green for a long time.

This article was originally posted on GeekWire by Lisa Stiffler.

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