New Issaquah Office Building Unites Tech and Nature

A new construction project in Issaquah, the 2005 Poplar building, offers a unique design that unites new construction techniques with the appeal of the natural world.

The project utilized cutting-edge cross-laminated timber (CLT), a sustainable building material created by gluing together perpendicular layers of lumber. The result is a strong, lightweight construction material that has been used in European projects for over 20 years. The material also featured heavily in one of the design proposals for a replacement for the West Seattle Bridge.

Beyond the use of CLT, 2005 Poplar also features other sustainable elements. These include light fixtures made of recycled cardboard from Seattle firm Graypants, along with charging stations for electric vehicles and bike lockers and showers for cycling commuters.

The building also includes nods to the natural world in its design, with a sculpture of a buck prominently displayed inside the building, and an otter sculpture outside—complete with otter prints in the concrete walkways.

One of 2005 Poplar’s most stylish features is its prominent staircase, which looks out toward nearby I-90. The staircase is completed by a fully customizable lighting setup, allowing the future owner of the building to program different colors to support local sport teams or celebrate various events.

Safety was also a key consideration for the building’s construction. Due to the lot the building was developed on, a traditional foundation wasn’t possible for the project. Instead, engineers installed a driven grout pile system, which placed the building on about 100 piles to resist soil liquefaction in case of an earthquake.

The final touch 2005 Poplar has to offer is a time capsule. Rowley Properties placed a time capsule on the property to commemorate the eventful year of 2020, with the intent that it should be opened in a hundred years.

The best part about 2005 Poplar? The building is currently available, and the full property details can be viewed here.

This article was originally posted on 425Business by John Stearns.

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